Deadline fast approaching

As the days of the week pass by, Friday looms in the distance as a reminder that deadline is fast approaching.

A budget begins to take shape at the beginning of the week to keep track of what needs to be written, sought out and submitted. That same budget is then forwarded on to showcase what needs to be printed in the following weeks paper at the end of the week.

Throughout the week the phone rings, interviews are conducted in and out of the office, as emails enter my inbox, as well as residents stopping in to pitch a story or say hello, all while the articles are slowly taking shape and becoming ready for submission.

As the days are marked off, that budget grows reminding me that 28 pages need to be filled with content the island would like to read.

By the time Thursday makes an appearance, articles are doubling in count, which creates a true sense of what it feels like to be up against a deadline. The sound of keys being hit, as well as clicks of the mouse, fills the office as words take shape to create another article.

Although stress often takes over, the deadline is always met and another paper is put to rest.  Image

One thought on “Deadline fast approaching

  1. Amazingly large task that sounds like and to do it every week.. you have an amazing talent and love for what you do …love to see and feel.

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