There was a time when smart phones, tablets and iPads did not exist, but now they are in almost everyone’s hand occupying their time with games, websites, or conversations through text messages.

Before smart phones, time was spent enjoying one’s company playing board games, visiting with one another or even enjoying the outdoors. Phone calls were made instead of text messages sent. Attention was shared with the one sitting next to you, instead of an electronic device.

Now more times than not, a gathering is held where everyone has their device in hand communicating with someone who is not in their immediate presence. Constant sounds float out of a smart phone as it informs the owner when an email is downloaded, it is your turn with a specific game, a comment was left on a Facebook post or a text message has made its way to your inbox.

When did the company of others become less important than what is going on with your phone?

The best kinds of memories are had when they are self made, when an individual is the initiator of that activity. Laughter often times does not stem from that device, but rather in the company of a person or multiple people in which you decided to spend time with.

I love escaping from what is going on in the technology world by finding a piece of paradise where I can walk and enjoy the surroundings of the outdoors. That kind of escape with another person creates a lifetime of memories and good times that can only be had without a smart phone, tablet or an iPad.

When an actual board game is pulled out of the closet, that time is priceless because it is occurring within the moment in the company of another as scores are actually written down on a piece of paper.  There is no waiting to be had to finish just one game when playing in person. The expressions and comments your opponent has can be seen and heard first hand instead of when you turn that game on again.  

Sometimes I wish the world would go back to when technology was not the most important thing a person could possess.

Take the time to enjoy the people you are with when you are invited somewhere because whatever is occurring on your device is not as important as what is happening right in front of you.

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