Cuddle bug

No matter where we are sitting, laying or direction we are walking, there is a little follower talking to us the whole time.

Miss Kimber, our beautiful kitty, is always cuddling close by or laying directly on us once we find a spot to sit down.

Her favorite time of the day occurs in the morning as she patiently waits for us to move or for the alarm to go off. As soon as she knows we are awake the talking begins as she races with us to the bathroom meowing every step of the way.

When we make our way to bed at night she is close behind. As we get comfortable she finds her favorite spot at our side or between our feet at the foot of the bed. As we shift throughout the night, she moves with us cuddling closer than the time before.

Our lives have been enriched by this affectionate cat who always wants to be close by.


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