A little time for me

The alarm sends music through the air as it wakes me early in the morning encouraging me to get out of bed, so I can make a little time for myself before the day unfolds.

That time spent first thing in the morning by myself is therapeutic.

As I walk to the gym the endurance  starts to pump through my body preparing me for the run that lays before me.

As the time and miles slowly increase the cleansing begins as my worries are erased preparing me for yet another day.

When I add music to the mix the therapy continues as a certain tune reminds of a particular moment or provides a positive message making my legs move a little faster.

The best part of the run is meeting goals that I have set for myself or achieving a new best time.

There is nothing more fulfilling then setting aside time for yourself doing something you love. Not only do you benefit from the exercise, but those around you do as well.

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