More time…

Three straight days of running just a little bit faster.

I shed another seven seconds off my run, almost reaching my goal.

Since my surgery I have managed to take 11 minutes off my run, which took a little more than nine months (with almost two months off). I cannot explain how happy I am to have accomplished a personal goal.

In just three days alone I have taken 22 seconds off my time, making me just three little seconds away from my goal.

Awe new running shoes …

It felt great running in new shoes. It was like I was running on little pillows, cushioning each and every step as I ran.

Now that I am within reach of hitting a specific time, I might increase my distance and see how much longer I can run instead of hitting a certain speed. I might even take my runs outside of the gym and feel the fresh air instead of stale air within four walls.

When I run I feel like I can accomplish anything, what a thrill. The possibilities are endless because it is up to me to take that next step.

Another great start to another day …

I absolutely love running first thing in the morning!

2 thoughts on “More time…

  1. sounds like new shoes made a ton difference. something often overlooked by us all I think. it’ll be interesting to see how a little air resistance affects you. absolutely none found in a gym treadmill but you can mimic the natural air resistance by inclining the machine a mere ten degrees 🙂 nice work!

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