A little slower . . .


Unfortunately my run was shortened and a little slower than usual today.

It is incredibly hard to run when you are feeling under the weather, especially when you are fighting a cold. Although lying under the blankets and watching a great movie was helping me feel better, I decided to drag myself off the couch and put on my running shoes.

I started off by running my normal speed, which gradually decreased as breathing became harder with a stuffy nose. As I hit my absolute minimal distance, I slowed down to a walk and gained control of breathing.

Even though it was not a typical run, it made me feel better and gave me a little more energy, as well as a chance to clear my head as another week comes to an end.

Since tomorrow is a new day, my
running shoes will be laced up once again as I try and reach my goal.

There is no better medicine than exercising, working up a sweat and fighting off the germs.

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