Mix it up

Today my run went a little smoother as I kept the same speed and went back to my original distance.

I added a couple of miles on a stationary bike to my exercise, which improved my overall workout. I ran until my stuffy nose got the best of me and then peddled away on the bike before finishing my running distance.

The second day of running has helped my cold tremendously … I now feel as if I am on the road to recovery.

After my exercise was completed, I used a few new stretches to improve my overall performance. Those leg stretches felt incredible as I pushed them straighter to feel the maximum benefit. I often times suffer with shin splints, so I am constantly looking for ways to improve the overall impact.

Now with more than a half a dozen great stretches, I know as soon as I kick this cold my goal is definitely within reach.

As always I loved taking the time for myself today, since I had to rest many days this past week to nurture a cold and temperature.


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