Eight more seconds


Eight more seconds was taken off of my run this morning, which felt great after fighting a cold for more than a week. Although I ran the shorter of the two distances I like to  tackle, it still felt great to accomplish yet another best time.

Music was definitely a key factor in accomplishing this small task this morning, as it kept me at the speed I needed to take more time off my run. There is something about the beat of the music that keeps my feet moving. I lose track of time when listening to a song, which often times brings me into another world, allowing me to clear my head.

My new shoes, which are finally broken in, still feel like I am running on little cushions. It’s incredible how much great shoes help when running.

I look forward to getting on my regular schedule as this sickness finally escapes my body, leaving me with more energy and the desire to get out of bed in the morning.


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