Just run

Running became a part of my life while I was living in Arizona because it provided me with a wonderful outlet. That was more than five years ago . . .


I had to include this saying in tonight’s post because it could not be anymore true. I love running because it is for me and if any testing is done it is because I want to push myself to the next level. Although my distances may not be anything to brag about, or my time may not be as good as the next, it is a personal accomplishment and pleasure that I love to include in my life as much as possible.

I run because I feel better when I am done. I run because it keeps me healthy. I run because it is a wonderful way to release any stress that may have occured that day. I run because I love challenging myself. I run because it is fun.

This morning I achieved another record as I took another second off my run … and that is an amazing feeling if I do say so myself.

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