Eight more


After taking a few days off of running, I took another eight seconds off my run. My new best time!!

Wow it felt great running at my fastest pace this morning.

I used to run at least five or six times a week, but now I have cut it back to three or four. I am finding the time I am taking off inbetween runs is helping my legs, my shins especially.

The best thing about running is I can continue to make improvements all the while improving my time and distance.

I love taking the time for me, what a great way to start the day.

2 thoughts on “Eight more

  1. The rest days are as important as the running days. Resting and giving your muscles and body time to recover is as important as the days spent pounding the ground. My best running days are usually the 2nd day after a rest day. The first day back I slide easily back into form. The 2nd day back, I push either time or distance and feel great! Congrats on shaving the time!! Keep up the routine.

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