Destination finalized

Today I received the call I was hoping for … the call that said everything is approved!

We are moving to Kingsport, TN with the tentative move in date of May 1. I am beyond excited that I found a place for us to live, a place in a beautiful part of Tennessee that we will be able to explore.

Stephanie, the assistant manager at the apartment complex, called this morning to share the news. I asked if she had pictures of the apartment, which she did not, but immediately offered to go and take some for us. I cannot wait for them to appear in my mailbox.

What a huge thing to cross off of our list before we leave SW Florida.

I am at a loss of words, nothing that I write will fully explain the excitement that I am feeling, the sense of accomplishment that has taken over me.
It goes to show that whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish. I have never been to this part of Tennessee, but yet I have found us a place to live, a place where we will continue to grow.

The excitement has definitely increased tenfold!!

The countdown continues …

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