Second day in a row

Once again I needed a break from writing articles, so I did what helps the most … went for a run.

Yep, did it again, took another 12 seconds off my run. I have set another goal for myself, which I am nearing. I keep wanting to perfect and subtract from my initial best time, which I feel I am successfully doing.

My legs feel good even though I ran at a faster rate. The stretches afterwards felt incredible!

When I work six days in a row trying to pump out article after article, I have to try and find outlets that will help keep my sanity. Well needless to say, running is one of those outlets because it takes me away from my work and clears my head. This form of exercise helps with my stress level.

Now all I have to do is get through the rest of the day, so I can enjoy a much needed mental break from work tomorrow.

Here is to another great day …

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