Nine more

A move we have been talking about for a few years is only nine days away of becoming a reality.

It’s truly hard to believe that we are finally in the single digit countdown of our move to Kingsport, TN. The best part is my nerves are calmed and I could not be more excited about getting in the car and going.

It’s truly amazing what kind of emotions you go through when getting ready for a move. I have been on quite the rollercoaster as far as those go.

I’m a person who has a hard time with saying goodbye. Just ask my boyfriend, it takes a couple kisses and many “have a good days” before I walk out the door.

Now looking back on the rollercoaster I have been on, I know that is where the emotions lie, saying goodbye to every single family member and the many great friends that have blessed my life.

You become used to getting in the car … and a few minutes or hours later you arrive on that person’s doorstep. Although that will not be as easily accomplished, all the technologies that are available will give me countless opportunities to still be in contact with everyone, even on a face-to-face basis.

I am so excited to be moving to another state because it is something I typically would not do. What an adventure to just pack everything up and go!

There is no better time then the present to make a change that will only enhance your life and boyfriend.

The experiences you have shape who you are …

I’m beyond thrilled to be in another state. Oh the pictures I will be able to capture!

The best part is making that move with such an adventurous person who loves to explore every inch of space that surrounds him.

Nine more days until another chapter begins, a chapter that I believe will be full of excitement. I know hard times will be a part of this adventure, but I know things will always be OK.

I am moving to TN with the love of my life and best friend… in nine days!

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