Half way there

After a long day we finally arrived at our first destination, Savannah, Georgia.

This morning was very fast pace as we finished packing the cars, did last minute cleaning and said our final goodbyes in Fort Myers.

Each of us got a cat, Jason drove with Kimber and I had Leo accompany me. Leo was very low key at first, sitting on the seat next to me enjoying the ride.


As we made it onto the interstate of course that changed.

When we left the gas station the move hit me full force and the tears flowed freely. I was able to manage them when we got onto the interstate for the most part. Fortunately and unfortunately my attention was shifted and I had no time to cry anymore.


Leo became sick, very sick, all over my seat not even 35 minutes into the trip. I instantly picked up the phone to call Jason and we had a pretty quick detour off the interstate to clean up my seat. As soon as we got back on, Leo decided to go to the bathroom in his bed (which I have to be thankful for, since we could discard that), so we got off the interstate again.

At this point my nerves, which were already sky high, intensified. We got going again and when we stopped further down the road Leo was drooling and foaming at the mouth bad. Jason got in my car turned the AC on full force and we were on our way again.

Leo finally settled in another bed in the back. He was high enough to look out the window and watch everything pass by. By the time we hit Ocala we were both calm and ready to finish the trip.


Jason reminded me how much cats pick up on your energy. Poor guy was feeding off my anxiety, which made him just as anxious. Leo and I finally gave each other some calm energy allowing him to sleep and me concentrate on driving while listening to music.

This is the first time I have traveled with an animal on my own. Although we did not know what to expect, I was not ready for what occured.

With all of that said, I have to say that the beauty of our trip was the strength I carried throughout the obstacles and emotions that took a hold of me. What an invigorating feeling!

It was such a great feeling to arrive at our first destination eight hours later. It’s amazing how sore you become …

Once we settled in the cats, we left for a little while, grabbed a few subs and headed to a park to enjoy the outdoors while eating dinner. Gorgeous park.


It’s hard to believe that tomorrow Jason and I will be arriving ay our new home, a destination we have been talking about for two years. Wow, tomorrow, yes tomorrow, we will be arriving at our new apartment in Kingsport, TN.

Jason’s hard work and long hours put that conversation into motion, that conversation of making a new place our home. 

The drive today and the support Jason showed me while trying to calm my nerves showed me once again why I fall a little more in love with him everyday. Jason truly is a great guy, one that always shows me new adventures.

I am so excited about tomorrow, I just hope that both Leo and I have easier travels.

What adventures will tomorrow bring?

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