First adventure

After spending two days on the road traveling to our new home in Kingsport, TN, we decided to get lost in nature for a few hours. We found Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, right by our new apartment.

Once we parked, the first animal we encountered was a deer, which kept walking closer and closer.


It was such an incredible sight to see.


A Florida girl of many years, I was mesmerized by its beauty and its surroundings.


I actually stopped and took video of the deer in its natural surrounding.

From there we entered the woods where the real adventures began and the fears were conquered.



After we sat on a rock, we began to hear water, which of course raised our curiosity … we wanted to find the waterfall.


Jason really helped me conquer my fear of going straight down. I learned how to keep my footing and make it down this mountain to witness pure beauty. I felt like I was actually hiking today. Now I want to go find another area to explore, the bug was definitely planted.



The fear was conquered again as I made my way across the rocks in the middle of the cascading water. What an invigorating feeling, what a total rush. Jason helped me make this happen, as he helped me across and showed me where to stand. I love the adventures he takes me on, I love the exploring we do.


It’s almost therapeutic to sit and listen to the water cascade down the rocks. I found myself smiling many times as I sat and watched the water. All of the stress of the last few days completely vanished.


My mind, body and soul are refreshed. A day out in the wilderness was exactly what I needed after making such a big move.

The best part of the day was the little moments Jason and I had, those grins, smiles, hugs and silent communication we shared.

Jason had a constant smile on his face, this cute little sexy grin that did not fade today. My constant “what a great day” was shared multiple times with a smile as well.

What a gorgeous area, truly beautiful.


Today made me excited about what our future holds here in NE Tennessee.

We made it! A goal we have been talking about for two years became a reality. Today confirmed that we made the right move.

I remember driving into Tennessee yesterday and reading the signs of the cities we found on the map the last few years and becoming emotional. The first city I recognized I smiled and became very teary eyed. As soon as the signs appeared for Kingsport my smile grew.

After we arrived at our apartment I told Jason I wish he was in the same car as me to hear and feel the excitement I felt.
Once we put our cars into park I threw my arms around him, we made it!

I am so happy!

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