My buddies

Ever since we arrived in Kingsport, Kimber has not left my side. She is always near, as close as can be, snuggled by my side.


Leo, on the other hand, mostly hangs out in the bedroom. That changed today …


When we lived in Ft. Myers the kitties had the opportunity to go out on the porch whenever they wanted, since it was screened …


Unfortunately now they spend a lot of time in front of the screen door hoping we will open it for then …


So they wait …


And wait as the chirping birds engage their attention …


Leo even turned his head pleading with me to just let them out …


Without a screened in porch here, I don’t want to chance letting them outside.


So, they finally gave in and became a little more relaxed by the door …


I love seeing them side-by-side like this. My two buddies who keep me company while Jason is out working taking care of all of us.

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