There can be an incredible bond formed between a mother and daughter, one I am very fortunate to have.

A mother of six children, she is one of the most unselfish people I know. Always giving, always doing what she can for her family, always in a positive manner when possible.

Through the good times and bad times, my mother has always been there for me. When I needed encouragement, she was the first to provide those meaningful helpful words. When something exciting takes place she is among the first to know and first to cheer me on.

I really do not know what I would have done through some of the trying times without her by my side.

When I look back and reflect on my childhood, our house was always full of so much love.

The best part of this woman is how much she understands me, how much she understands all of her children.

One of my fondest memories was the encouragement I received from her as I was filling out my freshman schedule for high school. She continued to support me through college when I struggled, she kept pushing me along, fighting for my dream. Because of her attention to detail, I found a career that I become more passionate about every day … journalism.

A bond between a mother and daughter has flourished into a friendship that means the absolute world to me.

The love and admiration I have for this woman is unexplainable. Although yesterday was mothers day, I try and share how much this incredible woman means to me everyday.

A mother, a friend, an incredible person. I love you mom!

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