First interview …

Today I went for my first reporter interview since arriving in NE Tennessee, which I think went pretty well.

Before hitting the road, I gathered the six letters of recomendation that I received from members of the Pine Island community, as well as the PIO from Lee Memorial Health System. These letters were accompanied by my resume and a cover piece of paper displaying all my contact information.  I placed them all in a portfolio, so I could  give it to the editor in which I had an interview with this afternoon.

An interview, which was scheduled last week, occurred because of my persistence with the editor of the paper.
My 30-minute drive to the paper calmed my nerves and allowed me to gather my thoughts, which made me reflect on my career as a journalist.

I left Tennessee and entered Bristol, Virginia in awe of the scenery I continued to pass along the way, which was a beautiful ride to take for an interview.

I spent an hour and a half talking to two editors and the reporter who currently has the position I applied for, the police beat.

As the night editor asked me questions about the stories I have covered I mentioned Pine Island and my job there. He told me he used to live on a mound in Pineland, wow what a small world. The conversation flowed freely as he asked me questions and I answered them. 

I spent quite a long time with the editor as she asked me questions and I explained past responsibilities I had. She told me she was interested in talking to me because of my experience, something she said stood out to her because the other applicants were fresh out of college.

Out of all of my experiences as a reporter, this position will be a completely different beat to cover. Although I have covered car accidents, fires and murders, working solely on those topics have never been my full responsibility.

During the interview the editor asked how I would feel about seeing a dead body … well that would be a new experience for sure. As she talked about what I would be responsible for, I got excited because it is all breaking news stories, topics people generally want to read. A new challenge, which is always good.

This will be a new learning experience for me if I am offered the job. Something new I can hopefully conquer. 
Now the waiting begins as she finishes another interview this week. I have to say I received good vibes from that interview … I left feeling positive.

Maybe a daily newspaper, with daily deadlines, will be my next adventure as a journalist.

It will be different to work a set schedule with the same two days off every week, as well as being the last reporter to leave the office every night.

With my last day at the Eagle taking place in April, the urge to write is becoming extremely strong … this of course only confirms that I found my career path.

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