One beautiful spot after another

Tonight Jason and I went exploring, a much needed break from my desk and computer.


Our drive took us to a portion of the Cherokee National Forest. The lake was surrounded by mountains and lush green trees everywhere. We even spotted a mamma duck with her young swimming towards the shore.


Unfortunately it was raining during our drive, so we did not have the opportunity to walk around and sit at the many picnic tables surrounding the lake.


So we continued to drive down a very scenic road where we stopped again.


I stood in the rain holding an umbrella while snapping pictures …


Until it was time to get in the car again. I love how it feels like you can touch the clouds when the weather is overcast …


Jason then took us down a beautiful country road that had a canopy of bright green trees overhead. Of course we were led to a creek …


The sound of the water is my new favorite sound. I become mesmerized as my feet do not want to move.



I will never grow tired of finding spots like this where my thoughts become lost as the sounds of the water capture all of my attention.

Although it was rainy, tonight was exactly what I needed. I love how Jason knows when to take me away from work. I came home relaxed and ready to start writing more articles in the morning.

We live in such a beautiful state. I fall in love with Tennessee a little more every day.

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