I got the job

I received the best email today, an email from the editor of the Bristol Courier Herald letting me know the police beat reporter position is now mine.

The communication began in March when I sent out multiple emails to newpapers in the Tri-City area of TN. Once I arrived I called a few papers to see if there were any freelance positions available.

When I called the Bristol Herald the editor told me about a full-time position that needed to be filled. That initial question, “tell me about your experience” sparked her memory of my resume.

I remained persistent throughout the whole process, which landed me an interview and eventually a job.

What an invigorating feeling, I arrived in Tennessee without a full-time job … and a little more than a month later I am employed at a daily newspaper. The best part was within the first two weeks of arriving I got my foot in the door.

I now have quite a few writing gigs – a few in Southwest Florida and Arizona. Wow!

I am beyond excited to start this new job next week. I’m most enthused about the challenge of getting to know a new area, covering a new beat and working a night shift the same days every week.

It just goes to show you are capable of doing anything … It’s all about having a positive attitude and drive to make your dreams come true.

Jason and my mom have been amazing throughout this whole process. I don’t know what I would do without them.When you surround yourself with positive people only good things happen.

The possibilities from here are endless …

4 thoughts on “I got the job

  1. Meghan
    Joy is the word! So happy for you. You know that your smile is hard to turn down. This assignment will open your eyes. As I was a policeman’s wife for 20 yrs, I ask that you keep your head on straight and emotions in check. Good luck to you. The world is opening up to you.
    PS Tom read the whole story about your beloved dog.
    Happiness to you.
    Susan Ft Myers

    • Thank you Susan. I know this job will definitely open my eyes to new things. Thanks for the advice.

      Tell Tom the post about Samson was incredibly emotional to write. A few tears were shed.

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