Unconditional love

Each day my love for Jason grows a little deeper if that is possible.

I found myself looking at Jason quite a bit yesterday while we were at the falls … a smile constantly spread across my face. As he was climbing the rocks around the falls he too was smiling…he was completely in his element. I am grateful that he continues to encourage me to try new things while we are on our hikes. Yesterday he wanted me to walk behind the waterfall, a question I almost immediately turned down. Before we left I made that walk to the other side with him as he held my hand in places I needed a little bit of help. The water was freezing and the view was amazing. It was an experience I will always remember.

Jason and I have reached a new level of happiness. Things were awesome in Florida, don’t get me wrong.  … I often times try to think of ways to explain this new found happiness, but its hard to pinpoint that exact word. 

As we were driving home from Kentucky last night the car was mostly full of silence, the kind of comfortable silence that allows you to relive the day. As we held hands, I was completely content. I remember thinking I’m with the man of my dreams.

Jason promised we would do tons of exploring once we arrived at our new home, a promise he has kept.

I saw a total of four deer yesterday, two of which were alongside the road. The last one I spotted on the side of the highway. I pointed to it and Jason held up his hand showing four and we both smiled. I love our little moments.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, a very strong emotion took over me, one that I feel often. One that takes a hold of every piece of my body. The amount of love I have for this man, wow, what a feeling.

What a feeling, what an incredible feeling to love someone so much. The best part is I can feel how much he loves me too.

Relationships when built on the foundation of a friendship can soar in a beautiful direction and blossom into an everlasting thing.

Things happen for a reason. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was brought back to Florida by my incredible parents and went out to lunch with my high school boyfriend. That lunch date, which turned into a very early morning goodbye changed my life in so many beautiful ways. The bonding that took place that night because of the incredibly deep conversation of what took place in our lives over the decade that we lost contact will stay with me forever. And to think that was almost four years ago …

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