Best message

Sometimes all you need is a text message from a loved one to brighten your day.

I put my car into park and looked at my phone before walking into the office today, something I tend to do every day. The message that appeared on my phone brought me to tears.

Those words filled my heart with so much joy, so much love.

There is no better feeling … to hear what someone thinks about you, really thinks about you.

I’m talking about Jason of course.

His words, those words now saved on my phone, have played through my thoughts for the past few hours, taking away the stress I was feeling when I said goodbye to him this afternoon.

The embrace he gave me before leaving has also stayed with me.  

One of the flaws I have, I stress out way too easy when I know everything will be fine.

My heart is still smiling thinking about his words, almost five hours later.

I will never be able to put into words of just how much this man means to me, what an extraordinary role he has had and continues to have in my life.

It’s amazing how much emotion is still flooding through my body … the happy tears are being held back … only because I am sitting in the break room at work.

He is my rock for sure …

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