Handsome little smiling faces

This was definitely a remarkable Friday . . . one that only built upon the day I had yesterday.

My day started off by driving to Johnson City to interview a woman for the Herald & Tribune about how couponing became a part of her life.

This interview was after I received an email from my editor yesterday asking me if I would be up to writing more articles every month for the Herald & Tribune . . . heck yes, count me in! This news was completely unexpected, which is the best kind. I have submitted only two articles for the publication so far, two which are expected to run next week. Yeah!

After arriving back home, the interviews continued, but this time for another newspaper, The SanTan Sun News.

Once I got off the phone with him, I returned another call – this call has left me smiling since early this afternoon. Christina, a great friend, and editor I work with in Arizona offered me yet another job. This, by the way, is two jobs in two days. I now have three editing positions, as well as a freelance writing position with Times Media Group alone.

Her phone call could not have come at a better time either. It’s always hard to establish yourself in a new area, which is something Jason and I have personally felt since moving to NE Tennessee. We have had some financial struggles since our move, but with that said, things are looking up once again.

I’m beyond excited. I never thought freelance work could become a true source of income, one I could depend on solely. I am having a blast. It’s an invigorating feeling . . .

I thought I was on top of the world when I landed an editors position for the Pine Island Eagle in Southwest Florida . . .

I remember the excitement that radiated off of me when I was offered that position. I remember calling my parents and Jason to share the excitement that I could not keep under control in the parking lot. I had a paper that I could call mine, one that was filled with articles and information that I thought was important for this little island. That time spent on Pine Island I will carry with me forever, an accomplishment that gave me so much confidence in my career.

With that said . . .

Do you know how exciting it is to contribute your work to various publications in three different states? I feel accomplished, I feel this is only the beginning of a career that keeps my enthusiasm building on a daily basis. On top of the world doesn’t even come close to the feelings that are running wild inside.

So . . .

The excitement doesn’t stop there . . .

Jason called and asked me to come out to the restaurant he now works at, The Troutdale Dining Room this afternoon. I always love seeing where he works, getting a tour of behind the scenes, so to speak, as well as meeting everyone he talks about when he comes home. Plus, who wouldn’t love seeing their boyfriend in the middle of the day? The great part of this out of the blue visit was I got to tell him my news in person, instead of through a text. The excitement I felt was written all over his face, which of course only built what was already brewing inside of me.

To think it doesn’t stop there . . .

While I was on my way home I received a text from Mom asking me if we could Skype.

This of course could not be topped . . . definitely the icing on the cake . . .

A beautiful, handsome little face filled my computer screen when our Skyping began. Yep, my heart filled with so much joy, which only brought my happiness to another level.

. . . and then there were two handsome smiling faces shining through my computer screen. This is when the adorable conversations began, as well as the dancing and singing. I felt as if I was in my brother’s home in the middle of it all.

It was a wonderful surprise. I completely forgot this was the weekend Mom and Dad were visiting my younger brother and my beautiful little nephews.

Before we ended our session, another surprise . . . I had the chance to talk to my younger brother, something I have not done in way too long because of our crazy schedules.

Today was absolutely perfect. There were so many wonderful surprises that has me smiling at the computer screen now as I write this blog.

I am loving life and loving all of the opportunities  that are presenting themselves . . .

The happiness is brewing from way down deep again.

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