Fall colors

When Jason and I first started talking about moving to Tennessee, I remember thinking, oh I can’t wait for the fall! I have so many great memories from living on the farm in Illinois playing in the leaves.

This past weekend we drove to Maryland to see my younger brother and his family who just moved to the area. The drive was gorgous, the trees had so many beautiful hues. I said “wow” on more than one occasion as I was looking out the window taking in the beautiful scenery. I just couldn’t get enough of all the leaves.

The farther north we drove the prettier the trees became. We eventually stopped at a rest area in Virginia, a stop with so many beautiful trees. As Jason was looking at the map to figure out the rest of the trip, I took my camera, put on a jacket and walked around the grounds snapping away.







My favorite tree . . . the colors were magnificiant.


The more I walked around the more I got to thinking, oh this would be the perfect place to pick up some leaves for my good friend Dorene and her kids.



So now I’m walking around with a ton of leaves in my hand, which are now frozen, and my camera trying to take a few more pictures before Jason came looking for me.





Of course on the way back from Maryland we stopped at another rest area in Virginia and I was able to capture even more colors.




I am in love with the fall colors. I find myself looking at the scenery around me more and more everytime I leave the house.

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