A few traditions of our own

Yesterday was a quite, relaxing, simple Christmas with Jason. We spent the day at home spending time with one another … enjoying each others company.

We made both of our family traditions a part of our holiday this year.

On Christmas Eve I made sauce from scratch for the Italian sausage that cooked in the crockpot for dinner sandwiches and Jason made chili for dinner on Christmas day.

My mom always makes an incredible Italian dinner every year for Christmas, so I wanted to incorporate that into our celebration. This year she made homemade lasagna, which I’m sure was incredible.

Throughout the day we enjoyed talking to our families. I Skyped with my family after Jason made us delicious pancakes with fruit and homemade whip cream.

It was nice seeing the family. One-by-one, new faces filled the screen, so we could all wish each other a Merry Christmas. First, I saw my Mom and then my Grandma who is visiting from Illinois. Dad came into view with a smile before my younger sister’s shared a Merry Christmas. It was also good to see their boyfriends as well.

We caught up for a while … it felt like I was a part of the celebration. I have to admit, I became a little homesick after all those conversations were done and we hung up.

With that said, Jason continued to make me smile, continued to bring some joy to the day. I am grateful for this man, he spoils me rotten and always has my best interest at heart. The glances, smiles, laughter, hugs and comments that were made are imbedded in my memory …

We also had the chance to Skype with Jason’s sister and family. Although it was a short conversation because of the connection it was great seeing the kids. They all became excited when my face appeared in the screen, which made me feel very loved. I love his sister and family!

Jason and my first Christmas together was spent in Illinois at his sister’s house with her three kiddos and husband. It was a great trip, one that instantly made me feel like part of his family.

After we finished eating his delicious chili, I received a phone call from my younger brother, sister-in-law and nephew. That call made my day complete.

Every year my family does a secret Santa gift. Instead of buying presents for all my siblings – there are six of us – my mom throws names into a hat – one per household per say – and we buy just one.

So this year, Jason and I had Tom and his family. We found a beautiful frame that said “My Boys.” The “My Boys” were openings for photos. So, I went through my collection of photos and found three of my favorites of Caleb and Colton. Tom and Lisa said they loved it, which made me smile. I love making gifts for someone, it means more because it’s a gift from your heart.

Then Caleb, my nephew, came on the line wishing me a Merry Christmas. I could tell he was preoccupied playing with one of his many gifts, so cute. He also said “I love you,” which completely melted my heart! Yep, my Christmas was complete.

Before the night ended Jason agreed to take pictures in front of the tree. This of course made me smile because he hates taking pictures.

We captured yet another Christmas together, our 4th one.

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