‘I had no negative feelings’

I really enjoyed interviewing Kitty, she was a very sweet woman who shared a lot of wisdom regarding overcoming a situation, surviving a hardship from her childhood.

Chandler resident shares story of overcoming abusive childhood

Published Feb. 1 in SanTan Sun News

A Chandler resident who turned to the church at a young age for guidance to help her overcome an abusive childhood is sharing her experiences in a book to help others.

Kitty Chappell released “Soaring Above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness” through Tate Publishers.

Kitty Chappell Photo provided

Kitty Chappell
Photo provided

“I was able to write it because I was able to overcome everything,” Chappell says. “I had no negative feelings.”

The book begins with a double funeral—her father, Clyde, and his second wife, Mary.

“I am sitting at the funeral and then flashing back to my earliest memories of my father’s brutality of when I was a toddler,” she explains.

Clyde threatened to murder Chappell and her two siblings if they tried to escape or seek help. Chappell, her siblings and young mother were able to escape with the help of their out-of-state relatives, which made her father furious. As a result, her father beat Chappell’s mother in the head with a claw hammer. Her mother survived. Clyde was found guilty and sentenced to three and a half years in prison for premeditated attempted murder.

Thirty years after Clyde was released, he introduced his family to his second wife, Mary. She was eventually murdered by Clyde before he committed suicide.

“It ends up with the end of the flashback at the double funeral and how I was sitting there as an overcomer and not just a survivor who was shaking my fists mentally at a God in heaven and asking why,” she says.

Chappell says everyone is created with the powerful gift of a choice.

“My father made the choice of wrong choices,” she explains. “I made the right choice at a dramatic turning point at my life at 14.”

Early ambition

Chappell wrote her first poem at age of 8 or 9, and followed that with many published articles and stories. She became a speaker 30 years ago through Stonecroft Ministries, sharing with other women her life story.

Her speeches typically tell the story of her life before she had a spiritual experience, what encouraged her to reach out to God and how her life has changed. For a list of her upcoming appearances, visit kittychappell.com/?page_id=216.

“I have a story and I have a message to tell and that’s what I do,” she says. “They are going to have something to take home and chew on, just as they do when they read my book.”

Now her book is in the development stages of being turned into a film, “The Cry of the Daffodils.”

“It’s amazing the responses that I get from all over the world. It shows that there is such a need,” Chappell says. “My book differs from most books on the market because it is a book about overcoming, not just surviving. Everyone has been hurt by someone. Many people survive tragedies and difficult circumstances, but sadly never overcome their experiences. They just struggle through a dysfunctional life, daily reliving their pain within the framework of a victim mentality. They don’t know how to get rid of their bitterness and pain or even that they should.”

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