A day with Jason

Yesterday I gave myself a day off, left my phone at home and paid no attention to the emails that kept filling my inbox. I even left my camera at home, which I wished I hadn’t by the time our walk ended.

Since I work from home, the work that piles up on my desk is only a couple steps away at all times. I have a hard time staying away from my office if I know work is waiting for me. I have a constant list of articles I have to turn in on my white board, or little pieces of paper scattered around my desk. I also have many documents set up with my budget for the publication and when they are due. Chaos and stress builds if I am not organized.

I worked straight through my weekend, so I would have all my work completed before Tuesday. It felt fantastic to have everything done, or at least caught up, so my tasks today would be simple before I had to submit my edited work.

Jason had yesterday off and I was determined to spend some time with him.

Our schedules are so different. He mostly works nights, which means his shift starts anywhere from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Jason sometimes doesn’t walk through the door until after midnight depending again on his shift and day of the week. Since he gets home late, it takes him a while to unwind. By that point, I have already unwind from my days work fighting to keep my eyes open.

A lot of times he comes home from work and I am already asleep on the couch. But with the Olympics on, I’ve been up when he walks through the door watching the coverage. An hour later, my head begins to roll as my  eyes start to fight against me.

It’s rare we go to bed at the same hour and wake up at the same time for that matter.

I try to get up at a decent hour, so I can start making phone calls early or meeting people in person for interviews, so I have a good portion of my day left to write.


Yesterday was much needed . . .

We were both determined to spend time outdoors yesterday, something we haven’t had much of a chance to do because of the cold, snowy conditions. With blue skies and temperatures in the high 50’s, we put on our shoes and headed to Steele Creek Park in Bristol, Tenn. We really wanted to go to one of our favorite waterfalls, but after taking a walk at the park we were happy we didn’t. The temperatures were still a little to brisk for us.

As we walked along the path that went around the lake, we soon found out that our bodies are still set to Florida temperatures. When the wind started to blow, we grew cold and our hoodies went up and hands went into our sweater pockets. When the wind subsided, we were fine and the hoodies came down.

It seemed we were not the only ones experiencing cabin fever. The path filled with runners and their dogs, mothers and their children and others who were strolling with their friends or family.

The majority of our 4+ miles of walking were done in silence as we strolled the path next to each other. An occasional conversation was had if something sparked our attention or a memory was had. That is one of the things I love about our relationship, those moments and minutes of silence that we share are never awkward. It’s nice having Jason as company, while also giving myself the time I need to clear my thoughts and take in the scenery.

It felt so good to be outdoors away from the four walls of my office with a small view of the world outdoors.

At times we slid across the icy path, or walked close to the edge as our feet crunched in snow that still had not melted away from last week’s storm. We saw ducks, geese and many turtles, even some trees that beavers had got a hold of.

The best part was hearing the water run along the rocks in the creek. I forgot how much that sound calmed me down.  We also saw a manmade waterfall. As Jason climbed up the small hill, I stood on the boardwalk and let the wind hit my face that generated from the water falling. I became mesmerized, again lost in my own thoughts, until a splash caught my attention. That splash was Jason telling me to climb up the hill and look at the view of the lake. It was very pretty.

It felt great to not work at all yesterday. Jason has Friday off too, a rarity! Maybe if I put in a full day tomorrow, I can take that day off too.

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