A walk under the bluest of skies

After tornado watches and warnings were made for our area and surrounding areas early this morning, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I hoped to take the entire day off today, but had a few interviews I had to complete. I also had to turn in a few articles. So, I took the second half of the day off to spend with Jason. The warmer half of the day.

We went for a walk down a portion of the Kingsport Greenbelt that we haven’t been to yet. It was pretty with a good amount of history. There was a lot of people out walking around, many with their four-legged pets.

Although the wind wasn’t all that nice, the temperatures were in the 50’s during our walk. The skies were blue with few clouds.



It was nice being outside again today. There is no better release than smelling fresh air, listening to the birds chirping, ducks quacking and the wind swaying through the branches of trees. The best part is having Jason walk alongside me enjoying the outdoors. By the time we were done, we probably walked close to four miles again.

The best part of the walk was the wildlife we saw throughout.



Jason spotted this little guy first. He was too cute, I had to take a picture.


It was nice walking along the water, looking at the houses on the other side.




It wouldn’t be a walk along the Greenbelt without seeing the ducks.

IMG_1144 IMG_1148



IMG_1153It was another great day outdoors for a few hours.

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