Six-months old


Today is Lucy’s 6 – month birthday.

Time goes by so fast,  way too fast.

Every day this little puppy brings a smile to my face. If it’s not her adorable expressions, it’s her crazy running while she plays, or the simple ways she gets my attention.

Although I’ve grown up with dogs throughout my life, this is the first dog that I have trained. The first dog that I can call mine. The loyalty Lucy has shown me is incredible. The unconditional love in just three short months is mind blowing.

The beautiful thing about our companionship is it makes me think about our family dog Samson. Our golden retriever was the best dog in the world. This dog was the first dog that truly touched my heart. Samson left an everlasting imprint on my heart.


It’s true a dog truly is your best friend.

Lucy has helped me appreciate life through her little eyes.

The simplicity of our every day routine. The excitment when I say her favorite words. The way she greets me in the morning. The little footsteps as she follows me through the house.

I could go on and on about the ways she has enriched my life.

A bond has formed between Lucy and I, a bond I’m excited to see grow as we both age.


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