Fathoms Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant transformation

New owners to close The Joint at Cape Harbour, reopen it as Fathoms Restaurant & Bar

Published in Cape Coral Daily Breeze Sept. 12, 2014

A popular restaurant located at Cape Harbour has been renamed by the new owners, and will soon receive a facelift, before reopening Tuesday, Sept. 23.

Timothy Hoffman of Hoffman Group Holdings, LLC, said he purchased The Joint on July 9, after residing in the Caribbean for a very long time. He said he owns luxury hotels in the west Caribbean and West Indies, as well as a restaurant, and has been in the hospitality business for a number of years.

With the desire to return back to the United States, and after visiting Cape Harbour, Hoffman fell in love with the potential of The Joint and the outside bar.

“It’s a little bit humbling to buy something successful,” he said.

One of the major changes that took place after purchasing The Joint was the name change. Since the restaurant overlooks the marina and Cape Coral has 400 miles of canals, Hoffman decided to change the name to Fathoms Restaurant & Bar.

fathoms1“Fathoms represent the nautical depths for water,” he explained. “It seemed to tie in with the theme with the strong ties of Cape Coral and the nautical element without going over the top.”

One of his chefs from the Caribbean property has joined Hoffman in Cape Coral and is working with the current executive chef.

“The biggest area that we are having a lot of fun in right now is the specials,” Hoffman said.

He said they will have three to four specials every night, so the chefs have an opportunity to specialize in different menu items. Hoffman said they will create some custom pieces that may end up on the menu if they are popular.

“The specials are the things that we are most excited about,” he said. “The specials are where we see the most change coming in, in terms of the restaurant.”

Other than the specials, the menu will remain the same.

Fathoms Peruvian Style Mahi Ceviché. Photo Provided

Fathoms Peruvian Style Mahi Ceviché. Photo Provided

Hoffman said as they develop more relationships with local vendors, they will incorporate more locally purchased products into the menu items.The restaurant is closing after service on Saturday, Sept. 13, and reopen Tuesday, Sept. 23. Hoffman said since the restaurant is 8 years old, it needs a facelift. The facelift will include painting and improving the initial layout of the restaurant, which he said does not work as well anymore.

“Hopefully it will improve service that transcends down to our guests,” he said.

Hoffman said they are going to lighten up the restaurant by using a lighter color palette.

“I want the inside to be appealing like the outside,” he said.

The tables, which are walnut color, will also be lightened back to its natural wood. The plates used for the dishes are a little more modern as well.

“What we do will only last a few years before we have to do it again,” Hoffman said. “We believe it is important to keep the place fresh and looking good.”

On Saturday, before the restaurant closes, Hoffman will have music and an auction to benefit Autism Speaks. He said a few of the items merchandised to The Joint will be auctioned and the money generated will be donated.

“Let’s have a laugh and have a little bit of fun on the bidding,” Hoffman said of such merchandise as surf boards and an old chandelier.

When Fathoms Restaurant & Bar reopens on Tuesday, Sept. 23, Deb & The Dynamics will perform.

“We are very excited to have them here on that night,” Hoffman said.

Fathoms next event will be held on Oct. 3, through Oct. 5, for Oktoberfest, which will feature live music and a 25-foot smoking BBQ truck.

Fathoms is located at 5785 Cape Harbour Dr. Visit its Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/fathomsrestaurant for more information.

Read the article on the website of the Cape Coral Daily Breeze:


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