Warm deliciousness

I finally found a cure for my coldness, which had taken a hold as soon as I left the house this morning . . .

As I stepped outside to head to work, the crisp air sent me straight back into the house to dress a little warmer for the day ahead. Once I turned the car on it reveled that the temperature was 49 degrees, which instantly gave me the chills.

While I drove to work with heat filling the car, the thought of moving to a colder climate consumed my thoughts. How am I going to handle 20 and 30-degree weather if my body cannot handle the 40s? That thought was instantly answered with warmer clothes, lots of blankets and hopefully a newfound tolerance of cold weather, haha. Many of the apartments and homes we have been looking at include a fireplace, which will be nice to have, another way to keep me warm.

Those thoughts then were instantly erased with . . . I look forward to the colder months every year . . . what are you worried about?

The opportunity to witness seasons once again – winter included, even if that does include snow – is one of the main reasons I am looking forward to our move to Tennessee. It will be fun to experience a new climate.

Although the heat was already warming the office once I arrived, thanks to my thoughtful co-worker, my body and fingers remained cold making it hard to type. As the hours ticked by, the coldness never went away . . . which lead me to the perfect solution . . . soup.

As I took a bite of my first spoonful of warm homemade tomato basil soup from the deli, my body instantly thanked me as I warmed up. I’m always excited to see the soup grace the deli’s website every week because it is the best tomato basil soup in town.

What a wonderful cure, spoonfuls of pure deliciousness.

My cure of course gave me another solution … I will just have to keep the cabinets filled with soup and find recipes to make it from scratch as we go through our first winter in NE Tennessee.



Although my boyfriend typically spoils me with a wonderful meal every night when I get home from work, this past week the roles have changed.

Due to him taking on a second job and working about 70 hours a week, I decided to make sure he had a meal every night already prepared, so when he arrived home from working a double all he has to do is warm it up and enjoy. I figured that was the least I can do for this man who is working doubles almost every day just to give us an opportunity to achieve our goal.

I love and admire his determination to make things happen. He is a man who does not sit still, but rather takes action.

The appreciation I received last night as he was warming up the honey chicken I made from scratch and taking a bite of a corn muffin was incredible. His gesture only makes me want to continue to surprise him with a new meal every night.

It has been a ton of fun finding recipes every day and duplicating the meal for us to enjoy. The best part is tasting the creation I threw together and wanting seconds because it tasted good.

Tonight I made baked ziti with chicken, which was incredibly easy to throw together, put in the oven and forget about until the buzzer went off. Food that is made from scratch, instead of already prepared, always tastes a million times better. I always feel so much better once the meal is finished because I know every ingredient that is thrown into the recipe.

I think I may have found a new joy, which I’m sure my boyfriend will be thrilled about . . .

Maybe it is time for him to be spoiled for a while . . .