A single leaf


The past few weeks my front window has been covered with leaves when I get in the car.

This morning before I left for the gym, one single leaf greeted me. It caught my attention, especially with the backdrop … some bare trees and some with leaves.

Nature will always grab my attention.

Uncertainties of tomorrow


What a beautiful way to end an 11 hour day. As I walked out of a meeting tonight in St. James City the beautiful sunset greeted me, which of course made me grab my phone to take pictures.


In a world that unfortunately is filled with so many tragedies, I believe it is important to stop and enjoy the simple beauties because of the uncertainties tomorrow may bring.

An incredible event that pushes so many individuals to their best performance, left so many people hurting because of the events that unfolded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today.

What is happening to the United States?  Why are so many innocent people losing their lives? Why are so many people becoming critically injuried because of the evil acts of others?


My heart truly goes out to all those affected by the events of this afternoon. I only hope they find peace in what happened and lean on others for support.

Grab a hold of your loved ones, hug them, kiss them and share how much you love them, and care about them every chance you have.

Great ending to the day


Tonight Jason surprised me with dinner on the beach, which was then followed by a beautiful sunset.


There is something special about being out in the open, smelling the fresh air, and listening to the waves roll to the shore.


Tonight we traveled to Fort Myers Beach one last time before our move to Tennessee. One last sunset on the beach.


As we witnessed the sunset yet again, the sky changed to a beautiful array of colors.


A perfect ending to my day for the simple reason that Jason and I spent some amazing quality time together creating more memories. Our laughter filled the air throughout our time on the beach.


Best part is we saw many dolphins playing in the water, a beautiful site to witness. I have video of a few coming up for air at the same time.

Left the emotion out

As soon as I got behind the wheel and took in what this car had to offer, I knew I had to take it for a test drive. A smile crept across my face as I started up the car and put it into drive.

Once I drove it down the street for a little while – instantly in love – I stopped to give my boyfriend an opportunity to see how smooth it drove.

Once we arrived back at the dealership I was sold, I had to leave with this car that only had 28 miles.


Mitsubishi Lancer

The negotiating began, which was completely up to me as my boyfriend sat beside me to give me support. Once a figure was discussed the salesman walked away to crunch some numbers. He came back with what he thought was a good deal, which I was not completely sold upon. I kept my emotions out of my voice, although it was extremely hard because I really did not want to leave in my old car, and told him it needed to still be lower.

He eventually gave us the number we were hoping to get for my trade in, as well as a monthly payment that was affordable.

As I signed the papers, my boyfriend cleaned out my old car for me. As he handed me the keys I threw my arms around him as I said “I just bought a brand new car,” which he heard multiple times on the way home. His smile was incredible as I shared how happy I was.

What an incredible experience. Although my boyfriend was with me, I made the deal happen, I purchased the car. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my first car, it’s just the first car I bought without my father’s help. (I must have learned a few things from dad.)

I eventually drove away with this beautiful blue car, a car that we spent a week looking at online and researching.

The best part about getting a new car is showing it off …


So, of course I had to take it over to my parents house to show it off. As they were looking at it, my boyfriend told the story of how the sale unfolded at the dealership. It was amazing to hear how proud he was of me and how I handled myself at the dealership.

He and I make a great team, definitely my rock.

Now for the first time ever I am driving around in a brand new car. I cannot wait to hit the road and take it on a trip to our new home in Tennessee.


Why do people have such a lack of patience these days?

My paper, which typically is delivered all over Pine Island every Tuesday morning, did not show up this morning, well at all for that matter.

I have lost count of the number of people who have stuck their head in the door complaining that the paper is not out yet, as well as people calling and asking where is the Eagle.

I had one woman who stopped by the office twice; both times agitated it has not been delivered.

So I continued to smile and share what I have shared a couple dozen times before, which by the way was the same answer she heard the first time.

It was amazing to hear some of the responses … the attitude, the nonstop questions.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, life will go on.

Although the paper has been routinely delivered every Tuesday, the Eagle technically does not hit the streets until Wednesday. The date that graces the top of the paper reads Wednesday, which is then followed by the month, date and year. When you start to explain this to a retired community – that the paper is technically not late as of yet – they instantly reply well it has been delivered on Tuesday for as long as I can remember. Please listen, I know it is out of your routine, but your paper will be delivered. It was printed on time, it just has not arrived on the island yet.

Yes, I do have to admit that a few people were very understanding, as they replied OK while smiling. They displayed patience, they understand and yes they will return bright and early tomorrow morning.

Patience I thought was taught at a young age. Well that is what I experienced in my parents house growing up, since I had so many siblings.

Is this something that is forgotten over time? When did people give up on patience?

Multiple people shared that they checked all over the island and nobody has the paper, while asking is it not being printed this week? A couple times I had to hold back laughter because of how dramatic people became.

Although I am flattered that the community is that excited to read the paper hot off the press every week, it was quite comical to see how bent out of shape people became.

I am simply amazed of the reaction of so many people today . . .

I pray that the paper is delivered first thing in the morning, so these people can return back to their weekly routine, which of course will be a day late this week …

Start of another day







This morning I woke early enough to witness the sky transform into an array of colors as the sun slowly rose to start another day.

As I drove away from Matlacha the sky continued to change colors … absolutely beautiful.

What a beautiful way to begin a day before work. It’s going to be a good day, I can feel it, first a great run and then this.

The simple beauties …