Back-to-back success

Positive thoughts were oozing out of me as I walked away from the clubhouse this morning.

I stepped onto that treadmill and was determined yet again. I decided to focus solely on my run, instead of mixing it up with other cardio.

It was another great decision.

I ran 2-miles, my old daily run. The last time I achieved this distance was Nov. 18, 2012. Yes, this was almost a year ago, but I took quite a bit of time off from running, something I wish I didn’t do.

Regardless, another goal was achievement today, another great workout. Since I started working out five days a week again back in August I have been determined. Once I beat my best mile runs continuously I knew it was time …

When I push my body I get results, sometimes results beyond what I hope for.

I know I’m capable of running the distance and I’m glad I toned my workout down, so I could reach that limit again.

So far slowing down my pace has increased my distance and decreased the overall impact on my shins. Towards the end of my run the pain started to return ever so slightly, so I listened to my body and stopped.

I have to admit the simple stretches I did once my cool down portion was completed, was the best part. My legs thanked me.

Hopefully tomorrow I can increase the distance again.

Little steps forward …