The life of two

The life of two

Ten-months ago my life forever changed when a little lost and scarred puppy captured my heart. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

Lucy has been such a blessing, an incredible addition to our little family.

January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015

It’s true, the love and compassion from a dog is like no other. I have received so much comfort and pure happiness from this little nine-pound dog over the past several months.

Every day, Lucy does something that has both Jason and I laughing uncontrollably. The way she plays, sits and stares at you with those beautiful calming eyes, or her cute little quirks, always puts a smile on my face.

The time we spend together away from the house, or even in the backyard, are by far my favorite. Lucy has such an incredible amount of energy that unfolds as soon as you take her off her leash in the backyard. The explosion of speed is hilarious to watch.

January 10, 2015

January 10, 2015

This little puppy has helped in giving me the confidence to go running the Greenbelt path, both with her and now on my own. There’s a certain kind of comfort you feel knowing a dog is with you, no matter how small. She helped in carrying us to new distances while both of us enjoyed the fresh outdoor air. Now, when I know I want to run longer distances, I put on my running gear and head to the Greenbelt.

Lucy has also helped me appreciate the outdoors on yet another level. That appreciation becomes wrapped up in her excitement as soon as we reach a familiar place, the parking lot and then the path. Her curiosity always makes me smile.

When she was three-months old, Lucy also got the taste of going hiking for the first time. She was eager to lead us along the path and find new smells at the bottom of a waterfall that kept her entertained for quite some time.

This little puppy of mine . . .

We are inseparable during the day, yes the beauty of working from home. Lucy always has me within view. In other words, she is either cuddled behind my desk chair, or on my lap snuggled in a ball.

My recent trip to Fort Myers was the first time we were a part since we officially adopted her. The welcome home I received left me speechless with a big ol goofy smile on my face.

There was one point when I sat on the couch and she was instantly on my chest looking me straight in the eye. We both fell asleep on the couch after our reunion. Lucy laid across my neck daring me to leave as we both fell deep asleep.

I love the time we share together. I love how affectionate she is and how eager she is to be in my presence. My favorite part of the day is when we both relax at the end of the night with her cuddled on my lap.

Jason told me the other night that Lucy will never forget that I saved her, which is why she always has to be close by. That comment almost sparked a stream of tears. I think we saved each other. She filled a gap I didn’t know existed.

Although I do not know her history, according to the vet, she will turn a year old on Jan. 21.

I will leave you with this . . . an excerpt from the book I began writing late last year . . .

Jocelyn woke to Oliver’s worried voice asking for her help one brisk Monday morning.

After slowly yawning off the grogginess, she reluctantly climbed out of bed and put on a sweatshirt before heading downstairs to meet Oliver  on the  front porch.

She had no idea the life of two was going to change that day.

A deep appreciation

My father is filling my thoughts and heart with joy as I reflect on just how lucky I am to have this man in my life.

This man has taught me so much over the years, which has only helped me become the woman I am today. I am truly blessed to have such a caring, involved father in my life, one that truly wants the best for me.

Although my dad has always been there for me, there is one time that holds a special meaning in my heart. Four years ago he was my strength, my courage and my number one supporter, without him I would not have made it through that trying time. Our relationship grew from that experience … a deep appreciation was formed. It goes to show what kind of love my father has for his children, what he will do to make sure we are all okay.

Although my dad is a man of few words, the words that were shared on the airplane, while we were at our destination and the weeks after I returned back to my parents house, were all the words I needed. Our relationship grew from that experience we shared.

And to think that is just one instance of my dad being there for me . . . one incredible moment to say the least.

My father is a wonderful man, one I can always count on when I need him. I know over the years I have called him countless times … he would offer a piece of advice or help me with something that I had a hard time accomplishing on my own.

I admire my dad … after all these years he still does the one thing he loves, playing baseball. Why not fill your days with your passion? It’s inspiring to see my dad play ball, especially since he is now in the best shape of his life. It just goes to show that when you have a passion you will do whatever you can to make it happen.   

A father of six children and grandfather of four grandsons, his love is never ending. I love watching how much fun he has with my nephews, how they flock to him whenever he is around. It is a heartwarming feeling because I know that is what we had growing up.

Dad, know that I love you and cherish what we have. You are a great father, a father I truly cherish.

Since I now live a couple of states away, I wanted to give you a Father’s Day gift, a gift using my passion, the written word . . . Happy Father’s Day!

Touched and overwhelmed

backyard67The appreciation from the community poured onto me today as the day unfolded, leaving me overwhelmed with the generosity and kind words that were shared.

I first arrived to work with a few emails thanking me for an article that ran in last week’s paper. When the mail arrived a personal note was addressed to me to provide thanks for informing the community about a particular event. Those kind words will forever stay with me and pick me up when stressful days are hard to overcome.

As I walked a few doors down to the deli to pick up and pay for my lunch, a woman who I run into often immediately asked me how I was doing. As the conversation progressed and it was my turn to pay for lunch, she gave me a punch card that was full, therefore paying for my veggie wrap.

That appreciation continued as I went to the Elks Lodge to cover an event. I received endless hugs and promises that we would soon meet up for lunch. I was also given a plate to go because a sweet lady wanted me to keep my strength as I work countless hours putting the paper together.

Before I left, a woman thanked me for everything I do for the community and said in all the years she has been reading the paper this is the best it has ever been.

These comments will always overwhelm me due to the sincerity I hear in their voices when they share their appreciation.

The best thing about this little island – Pine Island – is the amount of friendships I have gained through my weekly journey of writing and completing articles. There is no better feeling than walking into a room and waving to countless people, as well as being approached by others as they ask me if I am the editor of the Eagle.

I never knew a career of journalism could be so rewarding and uplifting. I have always said once you lose your passion for a job it is time to move on and find a new career. I am confident in saying that I do not believe I will ever grow tired of this career.

All of these wonderful people are providing me with the inspiration I need as I contemplate the topic of  my first novel, which I hope one day will grace the shelves of a bookstore.