Stole my heart from the beginning

My mom and I made the trip to Tampa this afternoon to spend time with my brother, his wife and two adorable boys.

It is such an incredible feeling to be an aunt. My nephew’s are adorable, they melt my heart every time I see them.

Two months and almost two … either cuddling or playing … how can you go wrong with those ages?

I found myself smiling uncontrollably as I held my youngest nephew tonight. I sat, walked and bounced him as I slowly made the crying disappear. Once the crying stopped, the eye lids became heavy, as his eyes slowly rolled as he fell asleep.

There is just something special about holding a baby, about watching his precious face. The curiosity of seeing new things and the way he molds into my arms are just a few reasons why I love holding my nephew, who is just too beautiful for words.

My older nephew, on the other hand, makes you laugh non-stop with his expressions and his sayings. This little boy is always smiling and always finding ways to make you laugh with him. Tonight as I watched my brother and his son play together my cheeks began to hurt as my eyes watered from the laughter of the moment that kept on going.
Now that he is talking like crazy, adorable conversations are held, which again makes you smile. The best part is when he calls me “Auntie Meghan,” so incredibly cute.

I love being around my nephew’s, they instantly and continuously make me smile. They warm my heart, which in turn makes me forget about everything else in the world.

I fell in love with my nephews the first time I laid eyes on them, which only intensifies every time I see them.

The best part is I have two more nephews, who are now four and almost seven who have had the same impact on my life.

How fortunate am I?

I am so glad I made the trip with mom today. We had some one-on-one time as we drove to Tampa, which was nice as the conversations between us flowed the entire way.

What a great way to spend the second to last weekend before Jason and my move to Tennessee.

Surrounded by love

The last few days were truly amazing to witness and be a part of. I watched my good friend, brother and sister-in-law pour unconditional love onto their incredibly beautiful children.

Since my boyfriend and I are leaving in less than two months, I wanted to spend a portion of my vacation visiting with friends and family.

Before I arrived in Tampa to visit my nephews, brother and sister-in-law, I made a special stop to see Dorene and her beautiful baby girl.

This little girl, who is nearing a month old is precious. As I held her, a continuous smile spread across my face as I watched her take in her surroundings, stretch and make adorable noises. The best part is I witnessed a few smiles, which only emphasized her dimples.

When my attention drifted away from this sweet girl I found her mom also smiling and taking in the beauty of her baby girl.

Once I arrived at my brother’s, I instantly fell in love with my nephew who is now more than a month old. I smothered him in kisses, which his mom and dad continuously did throughout the time I spent with them as well. Every chance I had, I held him, so I could see his beautiful features and take in his adorable noises.

I also could not get enough of my other nephew who is almost two years old. We had a blast at the park, on the train, as well as playing at the house. Every chance I had, I also smothered him with kisses and supplied many hugs.

I love watching my younger brother interact with his little boy. The love that he has for both of his boys flood out of him, which in turn engulfs his children. Their mother is no different. Smiles constantly crossed her face as she looked at her boys . . . you could see the love she has for her boys through her continuous interactions.

I was completely surrounded by love these last few days. It felt incredible to be a part of their growing families.

Family and friends are a wonderful part of my life, a part that I absolutely love.