She is finally here

My good friend Dorene, who I threw a baby shower for in January, finally welcomed her beautiful baby girl into the world today.

The many small sunflower seeds, which were given as a present at the baby shower, were planted in little starter pots this afternoon and placed on my porch. My mother also planted her seeds in a pot in her garden. I hope they thrive and grow strong, just like her baby girl.

I beyond excited for Dorene and her family and look forward to my first visit.


One happy momma

Little jars filled with sunflower seeds to be planted once the baby is born.

Little jars filled with sunflower seeds to be planted once the baby is born.

Various shades of pink filled the kitchen and living room as everyone gathered at my parent’s house this afternoon to help spread the joy of a baby girl soon entering the world.

My mom was the star of the day as she opened her house to all of our friends and Dorene’s family members for the shower. She had every dish needed to plate all of the food
we were serving, as well as the space. My parent’s home was the perfect setting for such a wonderful day.

As I made some last minute stops this morning, the entire baby shower came together as pink balloons were tied near Dorene’s seat in the living room, a sign “It’s A Girl” was hung above her seat and adorable crafts came to life.

Once Dorene arrived with her children, what we envisioned and planned for the past couple of months slowly came to life as things were checked off the list. Her daughter was incredible as she made the delicious punch, finished the brusheta, scooped this, found a spot for that  and helped with any other job I threw her way.

Room on the kitchen table became sparse as all the platters were placed in their specific spots for everyone’s enjoyment. Pink plates, cups, napkins and utensils were also in arms reach.

Although everything looked amazing our angel food cake and strawberry skewers were the highlight of the table, due to the adorable girly decorations that topped the stick.

Long time friends were reunited, as well as the start of new friendships forming as everyone arrived with gifts in hand for the guest of honor.

My mother’s kitchen, no matter the activity, event or holiday, is always the gathering area. The baby shower was no different as everyone stood around the table and the counters as they caught up on each other’s lives.

Once the food was tasted and conversations shared, the party traveled to the living room as everyone gathered around to watch Dorene open her presents. As items were taken out of bags or unwrapped, stories were shared of when their children were young, or how awesome that particular gift was. Pictures were snapped to remember the moment the gift was opened to share with those who were not able to make the shower.

A trivia game was given to everyone, as well as a scramble game to test the guests’ knowledge of how well they knew everything baby. The winner of the games went to a guest who has no children and absolutely loved the smell of the pink candle.

As people began to leave, little jars with pink tissue paper were given to them with instructions to plant the sunflower seeds within once the baby is born.

Laughter constantly filled the rooms of my parent’s house throughout the afternoon deeming the baby shower a success.

I am beyond thrilled that this day was successful and the guest of honor enjoyed herself throughout the entire shower. The baby shower I planned and hosted went off without a hitch, which is an amazing feeling.

I will never forget how excited Dorene was to have this baby shower, along with the smile that constantly lit up her face throughout the day.

Friendships, no matter how long, fill your life with so many unexpected happy moments that enrich your life.

A day of pink


I did not hesitate to start planning a baby shower for a good friend a couple months ago because the idea of creating a day just for her and her baby girl sounded like a ton of fun.

The idea sprung into action one afternoon when she came over for lunch. As we sat and talked about what she already had for the baby and what she needed, I piped in and told her to pick a day and I will throw a baby shower.

This great friend, who I have become closer with the past handful of years, first came into my life 18 years ago. As I told her we have known each other for almost 20 years, she warned me not to use numbers because it makes us sound old!

As we both found calendar applications on our phone to see what dates Saturday fell on in January, the magical day was chosen and the “Save the Date” cards were personalized and sent out to her friends and family members to invite them to a be a part of a special day.

Daily, every other day and weekly reminders were sent her way to remind her what I needed her to accomplish, so everything would be just so. As the invitations were making their way into designated mailboxes, the text I had been waiting for “I’m registered” came just in time.

As the days ticked away, text messages continued to make their way to each other’s phones as ideas and menu items were shared.

When the New Year rolled over, a time and destination was finalized of where the festivities would be held. Another initiation, this time dressed in all pink, was sent out to share the new details of the baby shower.

Now only a couple days away the excitement continues to grow as I decide what decorations will be purchased, how the menu items – which we both agreed on and loved – will be placed and which room the festivities will be conducted.

Although I wanted to do all the planning without her help to ensure the last few months of her pregnancy would be stress free, she refused and has been hands-on since the beginning. That refusal has turned into a lot of fun as we both come up with new ideas for her baby shower.