Spring is in the air

Ever since we brought Lucy home, our new adorable puppy, I have been outside every few hours. I thank this little peanut for making me go outside so often to witness this pure beauty.

Spring is my new favorite season. I love watching the trees outside our door transform from only branches, to buds, to beautiful flowers and then into a gorgeous green.


According to my landlord, this tree is a cherry tree. It began blooming after the Bradford Pear started, which is planted on either side of the cherry tree.

IMG_1471I thought these little flowers were pretty . . . until they continued to open and turned into this.







IMG_1539Jason says they look like carnations. When they first opened they had a beautiful fragrance.


Oh, how I love the Spring

New life continues to present itself, especially after the good rain we had yesterday afternoon, on the many trees outside our front door. These trees, my landlord said are Bradford Pear and she planted them herself, I’m sure many years ago.


The trees are stunning, there is just no other way to describe its beauty. I love the contrast of the light green and pinkish purple off of the white flowers.

IMG_1371Now the question is . . . has winter run its last course, or should we still expect some rather chilly nights in the near future? Last night we slept with the windows open and woke up rather frozen . . . it was in the 30’s yet again with some pretty cold winds. I’m hoping the weather app on my phone is correct. By Wednesday the Kingsport area is supposed to experience 75 degrees. Oh I hope this trend continues.

IMG_1378The other day when Jason and I went to the store, he drove of course, I had the chance to really take in my surroundings, since I didn’t have to pay attention to the road. The trees are a sea of white, red and pink. I thought fall was my favorite season . . . I might have to reconsider. Although my allergies are taking a beating now and again, it’s stunning, truly stunning.




IMG_1379I know I’ve said this in recent posts, but I love experiencing the seasons and watching the cycle of nature. Hopefully this week with the warmer temperatures, Jason and I will be able to explore and witness some of the changes.