Continuous laughter

I love having surprise visits while I am at work … thanks Judy.

Judy has left an everlasting impression on me, which only grows every day.

As we sat there catching up, my face began hurting as she shared one comical story after another. Her famous one, two liner comments that make me burst out in laughter also added to the sore face muscles.

My day is always brightened when I am blessed with her presence.

I love how laughter fills the space between and around us when we catch up on each others life. What a great way to brighten the day.

Some people you instantly click with …

Judy has been the topic of many of my blogs because of the wonderful friendship that we share. This woman is incredibly supportive in everything I share and do. Her excitement sometimes doubles what is already flowing out of me.

There is a reason why people cross your path …

Judy has been such a huge part of the journey my boyfriend and I have decided to take since she knows the Johnson City area, which is where we will be calling home in the very near future. It is so much fun to talk about a place she knows … a place we are going to explore.

Thank you for such a beautiful friendship, thank you for your continuous support and excitement. You are a joy to be around Judy!