Three hours . . .

Mom and I finally caught up on everything going on in each other’s lives, as well as everyone else in my family, today!

Skype is such a wonderful thing to have! Instead of spending three hours with a phone plastered to our ears, we sat with computer’s and an iPod in our laps talking and laughing the afternoon away.

I have to admit, it was a great way to spend a Saturday while Jason is at work and with my dad leaving for Copperstown, NY this morning to play in a baseball tournament all week. We both had some time to kill, looking for a way to fill our afternoon.

Although we sometimes go weeks without talking to each other on the phone, we stay in touch through many text messages throughout the day. Thank goodness for this blog, it’s another way for Mom to see all the beautiful places Jason and I go, as well as read about what’s going on in my life.

With that said, it’s always nice to hear and see Mom. Skype is the next best thing, the next best thing than actually being in the same room together.

I am looking forward to seeing Mom in about 27 days, seeing her in person, when the conversations and laughter will continue.