I have never been this overwhelmed with emotions before …

As the word slowly gets out that I am leaving the Pine Island Eagle, members of the community are pouring their thoughts and incredible comments about me with me.

After spending a lunch with a great gal I realized it is going to be incredibly hard to walk away from this community.

This community has given me the strength and confidence I need to continue my journey and make a difference in another community through my words.

I will forever be grateful that I was given the opportunity to be the editor of this weekly newspaper and turn it into a reflection of me.

Week after week I poured my heart and soul into this newspaper because I never wanted to produce a paper that was not my best work.

I am overwhelmed with the gratitude, the wonderful words and the appreciation this community has shared for giving them a paper filled with news they enjoy reading.

This wonderful emotional rollercoater I believe is only going to intensify as the days continue to countdown for my departure.