Speechless once again

A woman who I work with once a month to produce a real estate magazine just gave me multiple incredible compliments. I will remember each of them forever.

The corporation I work for produces Properties in Southwest Florida, a monthly magazine that highlights a different area or kind of home every month. I have worked with the same woman since I began writing the three main articles for the publication more than a year ago. We have a decent system; she contacts all the realtors and throws them our pitch, as well as the businesses to write the trend article. I am responsible for the articles and she is responsible for traveling to the locations to take knock out photographs of the properties.

During the winter months, when my newspaper, the Pine Island Eagle, becomes busy, my time is limited to how much I can spend interviewing and writing articles for the magazine. Although stress becomes intense as I only have a small window to meet a deadline almost every month, I find a way to interview nine people and produce articles I am proud of.

Unfortunately Breeze Newspapers has become very short staffed, so we are given multiple projects to work on that all have very close deadlines. This predicament leaves us all scrambling to accomplish the tasks that are assigned to us.

Although the past couple of months have tested the both of us, today made it all worthwhile with a phone call I received from her. To have a woman who is almost 30 years older than me share how much she respects me completely floored me and at the same time made me smile so big it hurt. The endless compliments she gave me for my work and dedication to putting out a publication we can both be proud of will stay with me forever, especially when deadlines are approaching and the stress levels heighten.

The thing that touched me the most is when she told me she makes an effort to pick up the Pine Island Eagle and read it every week.

I know I have said it before, you hope you touch someone with your writing and you hope those who you work with notice your dedication and hard work. Our phone call this morning showed me how much she appreciates me and how much she enjoys working with me.

My journey as a journalist began in 2007 when I was hired full-time at a newspaper in Arizona. To have accomplished so much in five years is an indescribable feeling because it shows just how much I am capable of.

It seems I am left speechless more and more as individuals call and share what they think of me individually and the job I am doing.

I am truly blessed to have found my passion and provided with the ability to come to work every day and continue to do something I love – writing.