The best sisters

Last night was a ton of fun as Jason, Emily, Maureen, Phil and my parents and I sat around the kitchen table laughing.

With our move only three days away Jason and I are making our rounds to say goodbye to everyone. Last night my two younger sisters joined Jason and I at my parents house to have one last dinner together before we leave.

The traditional homemade pizza, courtesy of my parents, was the wonderfully tasty meal we all had. Jason and I have many memories of mom’s pizza – one being our high school homecoming dinner. We all wore bibs, so we wouldn’t get our “dance” clothes dirty.

When we arrived at my parents house and opened the garage door Emily told me I couldn’t come in yet, so I closed the door laughing. She made us a goodbye cookie, super sweet and thoughtful.


From that moment on we laughed continuously as the night went on, a perfect way to start a weekend of saying goodbye to everyone. Stories were shared, memories were made and games were played.

I love how close my family is, how we all have a great time when we gather in one place. It was a wonderful night, a great time with my younger sisters and the man I love. I sure am going to miss my sisters!