Definitely back into the swing of things

I am enjoying working out even more than before … I’m pushing myself to new limits and witnessing great results.
Today, after taking two days off for moving furniture and boxes into our apartment, I went back to the gym.

Although I knew I was going to be sore from moving, I didn’t realize the extent of what muscles would be talking to me the following day.

It feels incredible, well it feels like we are home now that we have everything we own in our apartment once again. The first night of having our belongings, I laid on our overstuffed couch and instantly fell asleep with a kitty by my side. Yep, we are now officially home.

That first night of sleeping in our own bed felt like heaven, granting us beautiful dreams. Thursday night was my best night of sleep since leaving Fort Myers. We didn’t have to pump air into our bed anymore, once we laid down we slept, we slept all night long.

Today after I finished writing an article I laced up my running shoes and headed to the clubhouse. I needed to relieve some stress.

I started my cardio workout on the bike riding almost 16 miles in 60 minutes. I gained new speeds while riding the bike sweating and working off more calories than a few days before.

After I finished stretching, I began my run, again increasing my speed, and almost beating my fastest mile. Seconds away from my top time, another reason to head to the gym tomorrow.

Again the stresses that have accumulated in the last few days were all released, making me a new person when I walked out of the gym.

Lazy day turned active …

After Kimber decided to wake me way before I was ready to get up, I relocated to the couch where I snuggled under the covers and became lost in a book.

Well … that only lasted until I fell fast asleep again. A few hours later, once Kimber decided it was time to wake me with her meowing again, I woke up and instantly got lost in a book again.

There is nothing better than staying home on a Sunday being incredibly lazy.

The hours, minutes and seconds continued to tick by before I pulled myself off the couch and away from my book and into my running shoes.

What an incredible run, my body was 100 percent rested, which awarded me with an effortless run.

Now the laziness is behind me …