A good decision

These last few weeks have been extremely rough and stressful, which finally led me to making a decision – a great decision for me.

I have learned from previous experiences that it is incredibly important to listen to your body, as well as what your brain is telling you. Stress can do a horrible number to your well-being, which reaffirmed it was time. 

Living in a new area can be difficult … working at a new job can be even more difficult… but trying to get along with personalities unlike your own is not always worth the headache.

“Feel better. You are a solid reporter and a good employee.”

These words rang loud and clear as I walked into the office yesterday, a note from an editor I still have the pleasure of working with. An editor who always found work for me no matter what cuts the company made. An editor who I have learned from.

Those words were accompanied by an emotional conversation I had with my mom. An incredible feeling I will never be able to describe in words … the love of a mother and the deep understanding she has for her children. The mood I was in set my mom into motion, which immediately went into a conversation of what had to be done. Although I hate calling her upset, I know I will feel better by the end.

Last but not least, the support from Jason with my decision was what I needed to put things into action.

Yesterday marked the start of yet another journey …

I am grateful I was given the opportunity and proud that I gave a beat outside of my comfort zone a try. A conversation by both of us (my editor and I) was exactly what I needed, a conversation that ended in “no hard feelings” and smiles by all, lifted the weight off my shoulders. I felt like I floated back to my desk. I finalized a decision I consciously made weeks ago.

Next week is my last week at the paper. I gave my notice after realizing the police beat was not for me.

Now it’s time to get back to what I know and continue a passion that began many, many years ago.

The best part is I was given another opportunity to write earlier this week for a weekly newspaper in Tennessee. Hopefully the conversation with the publisher next week will continue along the great path that we have already laid.
I am so glad I listened to myself and made the decision I knew I had to make.

Let the journey continue …