Our New Year’s Eve walk

This afternoon Jason and I went for a walk on the Kingsport Greenbelt into the downtown area. It was a cold, but a really nice way to spend a few hours together outdoors.

IMG_0869It definitely looked different this time of the year. With that said, there is still a sense of beauty in the trees that no longer bares any leaves.


As we were walking the squirrels were going nuts, chasing each other from branch to branch, up and down the trees and across the sidewalk. It was impossible to get a picture of them. They sensed when I was ready to push the button.

IMG_0865We made a stop along the trail and I took some pictures of this tree. The red really caught my attention.

IMG_0867And the blue sky . . . it has been so dreary the last couple of days. Wow, look at that cloudless sky.


After walking the Greenbelt for a while we detoured and followed a few sidewalks into downtown Kingsport. Jason and I have talked about taking this walk since we arrived, so what did we do, wait until it was in the 30’s to take the walk. At times it felt like our jeans were frozen to our legs, our noses were going to fall off and are hands were becoming numb.

I love spending this quality time with Jason. It was nice being outdoors, just the two of us exploring our home.

After looking through many business windows, walking into the library, our stomachs began to cry in hunger, so we made our way back to the car.

A trip on the Greenbelt wouldn’t be complete without running into these guys . . . today they didn’t hiss at us, which was a nice change.




IMG_0875This afternoon was absolutely perfect. A perfect way to end an incredible year together.