One step closer

Jason and I went searching for a new place to live last Monday, an all day affair, which turned into viewing 5 places and stopping at three other apartments.

He’s so good to me …

I stress easily and worry that things are not going to get done in time, especially when it comes to finding a new place to live. Jason on the otherland, stays very calm and takes everything in stride.

He keeps me calm and level headed  … hence the all day search! That day, although long, was exactly what I needed to stay calm.

The great thing about it all was we both fell in love with the same place. It’s a cute, very homey, two bedroom townhouse. Although we still had two more places to see after we viewed that one, my heart already made up its mind. When we got in the car, I asked Jason what the pros and cons were- we were making a list since we were looking at so many in a row – we couldn’t think of any.

When we got back home I called the landlord and got the process moving along. The next day an application waited for me in my inbox, which was returned within a few hours.

Tomorrow we are meeting with the landlord at the townhouse. I’m excited to see the place again. Jason is already imagining how we are going to set up the furniture and I’m dreaming up how my office is going to look.

Although she has assured me it’s pretty much ours to rent, I can’t wait to finalize everything.

It’s a wonderful feeling to put things into motion, to take charge of a situation.

I hope tomorrow’s meet and greet, so to speak, finalizes everything and a date is set for our moving day.

I’m really excited about this place … it will be another home in Kingsport … another step in the right direction for our future.

They’re off

Once I finished dinner, I sat down in front of the computer and took another step towards our future.

I typed many personal cover letters, attached my resume and sent them on to seven different newspapers in the Tri-City area.

Everytime I hit the send button, a smile crossed my face as I checked one more newspaper off my list. It was incredibly uplifting to offer my resume to that many publications in the hopes I can further my career with at least one of them.

There are always opportunities waiting at your fingertips, which is why I am reaching out to see what will be my next.

I cannot wait to follow up with phone calls in the next few weeks to further show my interest in becoming a new member of another newspaper team.

My day could not of ended on a higher note!