The embrace that speaks volumes

I have to share my entry for today’s jar exercise that I began seven days ago.

The best part of today is the embrace, that hug,  Jason gave me before he left home for his second shift at the restaurant. There is something about his embrace that grounds me again. His hugs speak volumes, it tells me everything I need to hear and shows me just how much he loves me while his arms are wrapped around me. No matter what my worries or stresses are at that moment, he takes it all away.hugs

His hugs have brought me to tears, yes the good kind, because that silent communication is so powerful. That special hug has also stopped my sad tears from flowing.

I remember the first time I received this powerful hug from Jason after we reunited in September 2009 like it was yesterday. Jason walked me out to my car to say goodbye at the wee hours of the morning after we spent hours and hours catching up. Something sparked inside me when he engulfed me with his arms. I felt hope, compassion, love and a sense of how much this man still cared. That feeling of a good friend entering my life after more than a decade consumed me when the hug finally ended.

That hug meant the world to me because it also brought me back to our high school years when we dated. A special bond, no matter how many years go by, lasts.

I guess this is why I am always stealing hugs when I have a chance. What better way to feel better than to receive a hug from someone you love?

A hug has so many silent voices . . .

Found the one

Real life situations speak volumes about an individual … about a couple.

The stress that comes with moving to a new area and making a name for yourself, so funds can begin trickling in  to make ends meet, can be overwhelming and trying.

Yesterday, although hard and extremely stressful, made Jason and I stronger once again. We continue to build upon the foundation we laid almost four years ago, an amazing relationship.

The events of the last few days finally caught up with us, which eventually led to an emotional breakdown.

The embrace I received after the tears started flowing calmed me down instantly. I felt every ounce of love that flowed through Jason’s body and therefore his arms, every bit of positive energy I needed to get my barrings once again. 

When two people have the same goals and dreams for the future, it is easy to stay positive through the dark times. It is easy to feed off of one another’s energy.

Although the stress is high, the nerves are calm because I have a wonderful man by my side. We make a fantastic team, which shines through every obstacle thrown our way.

I honestly have not loved someone this much before. It flows through my blood and the love fills every part of me making my heart smile.

A move can either break you or make you because of the new obstacles that surface. This move has made us stronger, it has shown what we are capable of as a couple.

Because we have each other, anything and everything is positive. Because we have the same dreams things will happen.

I love Jason dearly and am shown every day that I found the man for me. I found the man that brings out the best in me, the man who will do anything for me.

I am happy, my heart and soul are happy. The stresses will subside because of our dedication.