His patience, his love

Every road I traveled,

eventually led me back to you. 

In the ten years we spent apart, you crossed my mind from time to time. Your face filled my thoughts at the rarest moments, as I wondered where you ended up and how you were doing.

Unfortunately because how things ended when we were younger, a void I did not know needed filling, stayed that way for way too many years. That void was the friendship we built in high school, a foundation that I now know never could be broken even during the years we did not speak.

At the young age of 16, you left an everlasting imprint on my heart. You showed my heart the power of love, the impact a friendship could have on someone. You were my high school sweetheart, the first boy I let into my world.

Still to this day when I hear Metallica playing on the radio, it brings me back to you and the times we spent playing cards on the patio. And to think, that is just one beautiful memory that often times leaves me smiling.

Fast forward to 2009, as a man, you have changed my world completely. I have grown leaps and bounds because of you.

A breakup that I once thought was the end of the world turned into the biggest blessing. That breakup brought me back to you. That foundation we started a decade earlier, quickly resumed as we filled each other in on the time we spent apart.

The healing began. You let me lean on you through a very trying time. Because of you and your patience, the old me resurfaced again. The old me that went into hiding for almost a decade gained her confidence.

I will never forget the embrace you gave me when we finally parted ways the day we went out to lunch. That hug sent me on a journey back to my teen years in a matter of seconds. That hug reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

Jason you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have shown me unconditional love. A love that has opened my eyes. A love that continues to guide me as we ride this journey of life together.

One of the many reasons why I love this man, his attention to detail.

Sometimes he can sense how I’m feeling before it hits me by knowing and understanding how I react to situations, the shift in my mood, the looks I give without realizing, my demeanor and the tone in my voice.

Because Jason know’s me so well, I always feel safe when I’m with him.

He knows how to calm me down. He knows just what to say to make whatever I’m feeling in that moment disappear. The patience he showcases in those situations is why the calmness takes hold of me. I can feel the love radiating from him when I hear his calming words, or his touch.

Last night was just another example of how in-tuned Jason is to my world, my experiences, my overall well-being.

Jason and I went to an acoustic Nonpoint concert at Capone’s in Johnson City. It was an amazing show for so many reasons.

When we started dating again in 2009, Jason introduced me to Nonpoint for the first time. A month after we began dating we went to a concert in Cape Coral after I got free tickets. We still talk about that night. Most of the time all we have to say is that Nonpoint concert and we both start shaking our heads and laughing.

Although Jason took me to my first concert while we were in high school, that Nonpoint concert was the first concert I really felt. The sounds of the drums and guitars really grabbed a hold of me, as the lyrics spoke to me.

Last night’s show was amazing. Usually Nonpoint puts on a high energy concert, but last night it was low key as they transformed their music into an acoustic version. I heard every lyric as I watched fingers strum the guitar creating a sound that triggered my feet to begin moving and my hips swaying to the beat.

There truly is no better feeling then listening to music live. I love watching a band translate the songs meaning during a live show.

After the concert ended, the band made a presence near the front door of Capone’s. A line quickly formed as the band posed with one fan after another for a picture. Yep, Jason took my picture with the band, which was awesome. I had the opportunity to tell them that I loved their music and it is great motivation while I run!

It was a great night with Jason. Another night we will talk about for years to come. Another memory I will hold close to my heart.

I will forever be grateful that I was blessed with such a caring, loving, funny man who fully enjoys life.

Very fortunate

Last night as Jason and I laid in bed talking, many feelings completely overwhelmed me. I couldn’t help but smile as I snuggled a little closer.

I am incredibly fortunate to have this man in my life. I am reminded on a daily basis why he holds such a special place in my heart.

Yesterday was the first time in a few years that we spent a holiday away from my family. That’s when homesickness hits me the hardest, on the holidays, when I know everyone is gathering.

That’s when I pick up the phone and call mom, it gives me that sense of home and helps me carry on. I just hope she knows how much I truly treasure what we have. This woman is the best mother I could have ever hoped for, she is my best friend!

Jason understands, completely understands, how hard days like Thanksgiving can be for me. Because of him, we made it through that homesickness. We are starting our own traditions.

Our first Thanksgiving in Tennessee was good, the food was tasty and the company was good. Jason’s mom flew in from Wisconsin to spend the holiday with us.

As the day went on I learned a little more about Jason and his childhood. It began to show why I love this man so much, why I respect him, why he is my partner and best friend.

I truly have never loved anyone this much. That love only grows every single day. When I look at him I see my present and future, I see many, many years of happiness.

I am continuously touched by this man … touched in ways that leaves my heart happy.

The two of us laying under the covers talking before I finally fell asleep will be a memory that I will hold forever. It was my Thanksgiving moment. The depth of conversations, the raw emotions that we share with each other is something I am truly grateful for. It’s the foundation of this incredible relationship we started more than four years ago.

I love knowing we can talk about everything and everything. That the conversation will continue ….

I am grateful for having two incredible people in my life … Mom and Jason, my go to people!

A million little things

It’s crazy to think the man who now has my heart, stole a piece of it about 15 years ago.

The wonderful thing about this man is the many little things he does throughout the day. Those little things, which are done from near and from afar, mean more than I can ever put into words.

Yesterday the simple phone call before I  started my day was just what I needed … the little things. That meant a lot to me because he made some time while working to make that call.

I think the best foundation for a relationship builds upon a friendship, a strong friendship that blossoms into much more.

I remember the first time we met up after more than a decade of going our separate ways. We almost instantly eased into a conversation that became familiar, a comfortable banter that I didn’t realize I missed. A late lunch turned into endless hours of communication that went into the wee hours of the morning.

wpid-09f5590574aa2c440b0f9e707bec99e6.jpgA best friend I made many years ago was sitting before me once again. From that day forward it was rare that we didn’t find time to spend together.

Now almost four years later I couldn’t imagine my life without this incredible man who constantly looks out for me and always wants the best for me.

Jason continues to bless me with those tiny little moments that make me fall in love with him a little more every time.

It’s an incredible feeling to be loved. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone know you so well that they pick up on certain gestures, facial expressions and your overall body language. Jason has spent so much time getting to know me that sometimes the conversations are not needed because he already understands my feelings.

I love the tiny moments for the simple fact that they move more mountains than the grand gestures that may not have had that much thought behind them.

I am so fortunate to have found this man once again. I am looking forward to what our future holds, especially as we plant our roots in a new location, Kingsport, TN.

An uplifting friendship

judy and dave

WildChild Gallery owner Peggy McTeague and Wounded Warrior Anglers of America Inc. founders Judy and David Souders hold an acrylic painting, which depicts their Original “Redfish Poker” Fishing Championship tournament to be held in May. Raffle tickets will become available during Creative Coast Weekend March 8 at WildChild Gallery for the painting.

There is nothing better than meeting a wonderful friend in the middle of the day to enjoy lunch – such great therapy. Anything and everything that was bothering me before our afternoon date, disappeared by the time we said goodbye and went on with our day. I felt refreshed due to the heartfelt conversations and continuous laughter – it’s incredible what good friends can do for your spirit.Although I know I am truly going to miss Judy once my boyfriend and I depart Florida, the bond we have formed will last a lifetime.

The best thing about this wonderful woman is she always seems to sense when I could use a visit.

Yesterday she lifted my spirits – she made my day – with what she shared when she came walking into the office.

Senator Lizabeth Benacquisto sent Judy and her husband a letter in the mail, which included an article I wrote about their organization Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. (http://pineisland-eagle.com/page/content.detail/id/523679/Raffle-to-benefit-Wounded-Warrior-Anglers.html)

I was beyond excited when I read what Senator Benacquisto wrote for the simple fact that she learned about this wonderful organization – Wounded Warrior Anglers – through my writing!! I felt honored and touched beyond belief. The smile that spread across my face, still did not give the emotions I was feeling justice.

Senator Benacquisto wrote “Congratulations, I noticed this story in the paper the other day. I thought you might like an extra copy, so one is enclosed.”

A photograph and caption from the article I wrote “Raffle to benefit Wounded Warrior Anglers,” which appeared in the March 6 Pine Island Eagle, was laminated with a gold seal at the top of the page.

senator2She went on to say “It is my honor to represent you in the Florida Senate and as always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to shape a brighter future for Florida. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if there is anything I can do for you.”

I was welcomed into this couple’s life through a function that brought the community together to honor our servicemen and women. When I sat down and talked to Dave he was just kicking off the organization. As time went on I continued to cover all of the functions the Wounded Warrior Anglers held to bring awareness of what they were doing to the community.

The best part of covering what this organization does, is the amazing impact it had, and still has on my life.

Judy and Dave constantly tell me they would not be where they are without the help of my words, my articles. It gives me goose bumps every time Judy shares this with me. Excitement pours out of me every time they share a new accomplishment, or a new adventure they experienced while out in public sharing their organization’s mission.

I am so incredibly proud of how far they have come with their organization and how many wounded warrior and caregiver lives they have touched.

Like I have said in the past, you hope you touch someone with your writing . . . and you hope people read what you write!

What a rewarding career, especially when you meet people who become dear friends.

I have definitely chosen the perfect career for me.


Missing you

As an emotional person, these past few months have sent me through a loop.

Jason, who is my rock, my best friend, an incredible boyfriend and an all around amazing man, is working insane hours to set our move into motion. Although I have the upmost respect for him, admire what he is doing and am incredibly proud of what he is accomplishing, I miss him something fierce.

Routines are hard to break, especially when they remain the same for so long. I became spoiled – loved every minute of it – which is why these past months have been really hard. I miss having him at home; I miss those moments we shared every day, the conversations that were had about the day and others that stemmed from those initial words.

Although we communicate as much as possible throughout the day, text messages are not the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from him, but I would rather hear his voice in person than through reading his words on my phone.

I miss sharing the highlights of my day, the overwhelming feelings that overcome me as people share their kind words of the work I have done with the Eagle, as well as the gains we have made with our move in person.

Now with his work day beginning early and ending late, an hour or two is spent together at night – usually half asleep on my part – when we quickly catch up on each other’s day and our move before I head to bed and he unwinds for the night.

These past few months have shown me just how truly important this man is to me. How I truly love having him around to share everything with.

Friendships are important, especially that best friend you pour everything on – the emotions, the activities and happenings of the day, and most of all the reason you may need to make sense out of something.

I am fortunate to have found a best friend, who is also my boyfriend, who I hope to spend the rest of my life with.

I cannot wait to have Jason around more … but I know he is working for the greater good of our future – very near future – so we will be in good hands once we arrive in Kingsport.

Jason know that what you are doing is appreciated beyond belief . . . but know that your presence is missed at home.

Tough love

Sometimes the best kind of support you can offer someone is through tough love.
Unfortunately life can throw many obstacles in your path, which are hard to overcome at times. With the help of friends those mountains are easier to climb, especially when they really know who you are.

We live in a world where a lot of people are only interested in themselves and their best interest instead of those around them. It is truly a special thing when someone knows you on a personal level, knows you inside and out.

Life’s journey molds you into the person you are, which is constantly evolving as new situations are thrown your way. 
My sensor has intensified with a girlfriend who I have known for the better part of my life.

Once she drops off the radar I know I have to begin to investigate, which usually begins with a “hey how are you”
type of text. 
Our journey as friends has helped me understand who she is and when to call her out when she is in a funk by constantly sharing the same message,
which may be given in new versions as she remains stubborn.Tough love eventually pulls her out of the funk as she slowly hears the advice and encouragement that I am trying to share.
When someone really takes the time to get to know you and understand who you are it is a beautiful thing because they know how you tick, what you need to overcome a situation. Friendships are incredible to have because they help bring smiles to your face in the most difficult of times.
I treasure those who have impacted my life in one way or another.