A million little things

It’s crazy to think the man who now has my heart, stole a piece of it about 15 years ago.

The wonderful thing about this man is the many little things he does throughout the day. Those little things, which are done from near and from afar, mean more than I can ever put into words.

Yesterday the simple phone call before I  started my day was just what I needed … the little things. That meant a lot to me because he made some time while working to make that call.

I think the best foundation for a relationship builds upon a friendship, a strong friendship that blossoms into much more.

I remember the first time we met up after more than a decade of going our separate ways. We almost instantly eased into a conversation that became familiar, a comfortable banter that I didn’t realize I missed. A late lunch turned into endless hours of communication that went into the wee hours of the morning.

wpid-09f5590574aa2c440b0f9e707bec99e6.jpgA best friend I made many years ago was sitting before me once again. From that day forward it was rare that we didn’t find time to spend together.

Now almost four years later I couldn’t imagine my life without this incredible man who constantly looks out for me and always wants the best for me.

Jason continues to bless me with those tiny little moments that make me fall in love with him a little more every time.

It’s an incredible feeling to be loved. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone know you so well that they pick up on certain gestures, facial expressions and your overall body language. Jason has spent so much time getting to know me that sometimes the conversations are not needed because he already understands my feelings.

I love the tiny moments for the simple fact that they move more mountains than the grand gestures that may not have had that much thought behind them.

I am so fortunate to have found this man once again. I am looking forward to what our future holds, especially as we plant our roots in a new location, Kingsport, TN.

Love …


This had to be a part of my blog tonight because it instantly made me think of my boyfriend. He constantly shows and proves how much he loves me in everything he does.

Sometimes the gestures mean more than the actual three words because of the love and compassion that is behind that very act.

This man stole my heart more than three years ago and has shown me the beauty in life. It’s wonderful to find a companion that has such a deep impact on your life.

My Valentine

Although today is Valentine’s Day – a day to show your loved one how much you care – that unconditional love is shown to me every day in numerous ways.

My Valentine spoils me every single day of the year with wonderful gestures that grab a hold of my heart a little more each time.

Little moments as a certain look, a kiss, hug or holding hands let me know how much he loves me. The endless meals he prepares or the moments he shows he was thinking of me are priceless.

Although it’s nice to receive a surprise card and box of chocolates on Feb. 14, I would rather have the endless gestures and little surprises every day.

I love this man to pieces and he shows me each day why he has my heart.