A week ago, I decided to freeze my membership at Snap Fitness until the end of October, and I have to say it was a great idea. I got into a funk and wasn’t going as much as I liked, so needless to say it was time to change my exercise routine up. 

Why not enjoy exercising outdoors while the weather is still nice?

I wake up every morning eager to tie my running shoes and hit the path. My favorite part is hearing how excited Lucy gets when we park in the parking lot of the Greenbelt. I can never gather everything fast enough. It warms my heart that Lucy becomes that excited.


Lucy, my puppy and I, went running on the Kingsport Greenbelt 5 days this week for a total of 10.1 miles. (We also walked and hiked 5+ miles with Jason this week. Lucy and I only took one day off!! I have to admit I feel amazing!!)

Although we take the same route everyday, I absolutly love running outdoors instead of on a treadmill.

Whenever I ran at the gym I would have my earphones in listening to music. When Lucy and I go for a run, the music is never turned on. My music is the outdoors and the exchange of good morning to those who pass us. I really enjoy listening to the sounds of nature.


I am beyond proud of Lucy and I! I absolutely love having this little 8 – month old puppy as an exercise budy!

Her stamina amazes me and her pace keeps me going while my legs start to get tired. The best part is she makes everyone smile as we pass them by.

10.1 miles, yippy!

My goal is to add another 2 miles next week to our total. I love setting exercise goals and surpassing them. Incredible feeling.

Just run

Running became a part of my life while I was living in Arizona because it provided me with a wonderful outlet. That was more than five years ago . . .


I had to include this saying in tonight’s post because it could not be anymore true. I love running because it is for me and if any testing is done it is because I want to push myself to the next level. Although my distances may not be anything to brag about, or my time may not be as good as the next, it is a personal accomplishment and pleasure that I love to include in my life as much as possible.

I run because I feel better when I am done. I run because it keeps me healthy. I run because it is a wonderful way to release any stress that may have occured that day. I run because I love challenging myself. I run because it is fun.

This morning I achieved another record as I took another second off my run … and that is an amazing feeling if I do say so myself.

Eight more seconds


Eight more seconds was taken off of my run this morning, which felt great after fighting a cold for more than a week. Although I ran the shorter of the two distances I like to  tackle, it still felt great to accomplish yet another best time.

Music was definitely a key factor in accomplishing this small task this morning, as it kept me at the speed I needed to take more time off my run. There is something about the beat of the music that keeps my feet moving. I lose track of time when listening to a song, which often times brings me into another world, allowing me to clear my head.

My new shoes, which are finally broken in, still feel like I am running on little cushions. It’s incredible how much great shoes help when running.

I look forward to getting on my regular schedule as this sickness finally escapes my body, leaving me with more energy and the desire to get out of bed in the morning.


The healing touch

A state of complete relaxation overtook my body yesterday as calming music brought me into another world while all the aches and pains were massaged away.

I was introduced to the world of massages a few months back when I was treated during a special retreat that benefited caregivers of wounded warriors. I never fully understand the healing affects a massage can have on a body until the tension in my neck and back miraculously went away.

Nadine Southall, co-owner of Spa 33 in Matlacha, has a true talent as a massage therapist. Before becoming a massage therapist she spent 14 years in the nursing profession. Although she understood the value of touch through her nursing career, she never experienced it first hand until her sister treated her to a massage. That massage influenced her to change her career path and further help individuals through the healing powers of a massage.

Due to her nursing career she has an incredible understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body. She also listens and spends time with you to understand how you are feeling. Although you are slotted for a certain amount of time, if she needs to spend an extra five or ten minutes with you to make sure your body is where it needs to be, she does not hesitate.

A 30-minute window is always left between her appointments to accommodate that possible need.

It is hard to find someone who truly has your best interest in heart. Her caring personality and endless passion of helping others pours out of her every time I have the privilege of seeing her.

Nadine always provides helpful hints on how to further care for myself once I leave the office. She has also offered to teach my boyfriend a few techniques he can use if pain becomes persistent. Her assistant in making sure you feel good does not stop there as she offers to work with your physician, physical therapist and chiropractor to further provide the best possible care.

I felt incredible after I left her spa yesterday as the nagging pain in my back went away and my headache began to stop pounding. It’s truly amazing how a touch can help your body heal, which in turn has the ability to enhance your overall mood.

I reccomend anyone who has not experienced a massage to treat themselves to the pure relaxation it provides. It is a true treat.

Extremely proud

I cannot describe how happy I am for my boyfriend as he begins his journey into a smoke free life.

Although we have talked about him quitting before, I knew that decision had to be made solely by him when he was ready to make that change.

I have learned that you cannot push a person to change, that desire to want something different has to come from within. Although you want to throw your opinions out there, it is much more rewarding for that individual when they make the decision on their own in their own timeframe.

Monday he decided to break a habit that has been a part of his life for many years. As we pulled into a parking lot, he surprised me as he shared he wanted to look into purchasing an e-cig. With his dedication to move forward, I decided to show my support by buying an e-cig starter kit for him.

I was eager to arrive home from work yesterday to hear how he did on his first full day of a new lifestyle he is attempting to accomplish. He blew me away with his determination and his resistance to light up a cigarette.

I know he is going to be successful with this endeavor because when he makes up his mind and puts his heart and soul into something he succeeds. Although I wish him the best of luck, I know he will not need it because he made up his mind and wants to change.

I am so proud of you baby and will be here to support you in any way I can.

Morning run

The clock ticks as the distance passes by, all while the beat of the music constantly provides encouragement to out run the previous day’s accomplishment. 

The option to hand select the music that will fill the air, or have Pandora choose the songs you may enjoy, only boosts the endurance you need to finish off the run. 

There is something about running first thing in the morning that provides a cleansing of any worries that were had yesterday. To kick off the morning with personal time, while improving your health, only enhances the mood of the moment, which typically carries on with you for the remainder of the day.

The capability to let your mind run wild as you strive to meet that goal – that specific time or distance – is therapeutic and good for the soul. 

Exercise in any form helps alleviate stress that you are faced with in a day, which is why it has become a part of my life and I imagine will remain. 

Early morning workouts also allow the opportunity to witness beautiful sunrises on a regular basis.